Welcome to the official website of Stro "The Maestro of Wrestling"...Upcoming Appearances: Nov. 1st 7:30pm est. Trans South Wrestling at Union County Fairgrounds in Union, SC...Nov. 8th 7:30pm est. IWWA Wrestling at St. Augustin Center in Grafton, WV..Stro is accepting Worldwide Bookings/Film Roles for Wrestling, TV, Film, Social Media, Commentary, Seminars. Conventions, Speaking Engagements, Signings, Photo Ops, Charitable, and other functions. Email The Stro HERE....Stro Merchandise is always on sale at Stro's Merchandise website...Check out Shakeology!...Thank you as always for your support. God bless

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by Bobby Blaze Smedley

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Stro Appearances for (Click here or "Appearances" link above for more info.)
Nov. 1st Trans-South Wrestling at Union Co. Fairgrounds in Union, SC
Nov. 4th In The Room on VOCNation.com
Nov. 6th WCW Retro on VOCNation.com
Nov. 8th IWWA Pro Wrestling at St. Augustine Social Center in Grafton, WV
Nov. 11th In The Room on VOCNation.com
Nov. 15th Trans-South Wrestling at Broad Riverside Electric Cooperative in Gaffney, SC
Nov. 18th In The Room on VOCNation.com
Nov. 20th WCW Retro on VOCNation.com
Nov. 25th In The Room on VOCNation.com
Nov. 29th WrestleCade at Benton Convention Center in Winston Salem, NC
Dec. 2nd In The Room on VOCNation.com
Dec. 4th WCW Retro on VOCNation.com
Dec. 9th In The Room on VOCNation.com
Dec.. 16th In The Room on VOCNation.com
Dec. 18th WCW Retro on VOCNation.com
Jan 17th UPWA at the Armory in Wilmington, NC
Jan. 25th TBA
Jan. 26th Stro's birthday
March 7th Masters of Ring Entertainment's first Fan Expo & Tribute to Jim Cornette at Coastline Convention Center in Wilmington, NC

Stro News preview(Click here or "News" link above for more info.):
Stro won and became the new UPWA Carolinas heavyweight champion July 5th in Wilmington, NC
Stro to be on an episode of "Sleepy Hollow" in the new season premiering this fall!
Stro to be in upcoming series "Crystal Lake: The Series"
Stro in the new pilot series "The Invited"
Stro in the upcoming film "The Hollow Oak" premiering this fall!
Stro inducted into the 2014 MWF Hall of Fame
Stro in upcoming "Dracula's War" trailer this fall!

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